Saturday, January 10, 2009

Who and Where is Heavenly Mother?

One thing I truly appreciate about Mormonism is Heavenly Mother. Ah, how wonderful it is to have a divine mother. How progressive and honest is it that we can acknowledge Her and know that She exists.

But what's the you say? We don't know enough about Heavenly Mother? I beg to differ! I've heard the question asked in Sunday school many times before: "Why don't we know more about Heavenly Mother?" to which the teacher usually responds, "We don't know that right now." Sometimes I hear things like, "Heavenly Mother is too delicate and sweet to be exposed to the world, so Heavenly Father hid Her away so that She wouldn't have to see the evil that happens in the world," or, "Heavenly Mother is too sacred, blaspheming against her is worse than blaspheming against Heavenly Father, so we're not allowed to know for our own sake," and many more. I disagree with them all! For one thing, I seriously doubt that the great, exalted, divine Mother is so weak and fragile that she can't handle knowing things. She's a Goddess. Secondly, I really don't see how or why it would be possible to hide things from her. If we are to believe that Celestial sealed couples have an unsurpassed unity, how is it possible that one could hide the other away? As for blaspheming against Heavenly Mother, I think that blaspheming against Her may have caused us to lose many "plain and precious things" concerning her. I do feel, however, that people did once have a broader knowledge of Her.

So what's my take? Plain and simple, I believe that God is not a man who has a wife hidden away somewhere, but rather that God is a married couple and the reason we don't acknowledge it more is because of the time we live in. Worshipping of female diety has long had associations with paganism, polytheism, witches, dancing around the May pole, and various other godless things. The Church is also somewhat patriarchal, and I feel people are more comfortable with the idea of a traditional male God. We are told to pray to Heavenly Father and not to Heavenly Mother - what that means, I don't know, although considering the unity of a married couple, I don't see how it's possible to pray to one and not the other.

Oh yeah, this article is really, really good. Everyone should read it: How to Worship Heavenly Mother (without getting ex-communicated)


  1. One of the reasons I feel some affinity for Wicca is that it does acknowledge and revere the concept of a Mother Goddess. I agree that the idea that the Mother is kept secret (or sacred, whatever) because she is too important to profane ridiculous, merely an extension of the misogynistic practice of restricting social opportunities for women under the rationalization of protecting their purity. Balderdash.

  2. Well said. This agrees quite a bit with what I think, too. You inspired me to go put my thoughts on this subject in my own blog today, as well. :) I think it's interesting to speculate about this, even if we don't have a lot of certain answers.