Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The F-Word

Am I a feminist?

Huh? What? Me? Who told you?

I'll make this short and sweet: of course I'm a feminist. What kind of person isn't a feminist? You don't believe in women's rights?

If you don't want to call yourself a feminist because of the stigma, consider that fact to be evidence of the difficulty in re-defining the status quo. A lot of women, especially LDS women, are afraid to insist on non-traditional treatment because they don't want to sound like "feminists." Non-traditional treatment may or may not be good, but whether or not something is "feminist" has nothing to do with it's worth.


  1. Isn't it sorta hard to be feminist when you're a guy?

  2. No, men can be feminists, too. You just have to believe in women's rights.

  3. I guess that makes me a male feminist then =D